FG Resolutions

The new year is upon us and just like everyone else, the FGCrew has New Year’s resolutions to start off 2017 on a high note:

Steph: The Boss Lady is striving for balance this year, as well as hoping to seek out and explore new lands to boldly go where she’s never been before. Steph, being the busy bee that she is, also set a goal for herself to take down the holiday décor before June. We have faith in you Steph, get those lights down!

Cindy: Cindy’s resolution this year is to be more patient (especially with us!). Sweet Cindy plans to be a lot sweeter this year by bringing in even more candy to the office! Challenge accepted.

Tricia: Trish says her resolution is to be humble when the Patriots win the Super Bowl this year, but we’ll believe it when we see it.

Jenna: Jenna is striving to be more active, especially around LA. She wants to explore Los Angeles before she graduates from UCLA in June.

Joni: Joni being her artsy self, wants to paint more and learn to play the keyboard. You go, girl!

Chris: Chris is not a morning person, but this year she wants to change that around! She wants to befriend the a.m., with a venti coffee in hand.

Jeff: Jeff is a rockstar in and out of the office, so it’s no surprise that he wants to devote more time learning to play the guitar.

Lisa: This year, Lisa is aiming to find some inner peace (good luck in our crazy office!). While she’s already mastered the art of singing, Lisa also wants to be more proficient on the harmonica and guitar. Triple threat!

Chelsea: Chels wants to be the next great chef, therefore she vows to cook more often and try new recipes (keep that fire extinguisher in close reach!). When she’s out of the office and the kitchen, Chelsea wants to travel to new and fun places.

Fenway: Fenny is aiming to spread his love equally between alligator, sock monkey, corn husk, and Christmas bear. Must be hard being so popular.