FG – Fantastically Grateful

Thanksgiving is upon us and we are all thankful for too many things to name. So here are a few of our favorite things that we are saying an extra thanks for this year:


Stephanie is thankful for her hairdresser. Without her, her hair would be void of all pink (boring!).jeff

Jeff is sending a shout out to single ladies. We have a new office, but the address is still the same. You know where to find him.


Tricia is feeling really thankful for Tom Brady this year and every year. If she had been elected president on November 8, she would have introduced a bill making it illegal to mention Deflategate (punishable by jail time).


Lisa wants to thank bacon, of every shape and variety. You’ve truly made her a less hangry person this year.joni

Joni’s just so sweet, y’all. At least that’s what she keeps telling us. Sweet as Tupelo honey.


Child care, ahhh. Chelsea owes you so much peace of mind. And several martinis.



If Cindy didn’t have bowls of candy, it would cause an uprising. We’re as grateful for her bowls of candy as she is.fen

Last but far from least, Fenway. What a sweet little creep this guy is. Brightening days one lick at a time.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends, clients, family, and everyone else! Remember, Thanksgiving is the day to eat like the 1% and drink like the 99%!

-Tricia, social media guru extraordinaire