My Experience as an FG Creative Intern

I didn’t know what to expect walking through the double glass doors of FG Creative for the first time (though, I was 10 minutes early and, consequently, the doors were locked). I didn’t know whether this would be an internship where I could explore the different aspects of a marketing company and gain useful knowledge on promoting companies through social media, or if I was going to be the “office helper” who filed paperwork and ran coffee errands (duties that are familiar to many interns). However, I was pleasantly surprised.

My first day as the Content Marketing Intern, Tricia Witkower (a.k.a. The Social Media Guru), showed me around the office and taught me the “FG” way. She gave me a run down on the tasks that had to be completed monthly and a tutorial on the management tools FG uses to push posts onto social media platforms. Shortly after learning about the social media aspect of marketing, she gave me two accounts to start on and gave me the freedom to write and post whatever I pleased (within limits, of course). Without strict guidelines to follow, I was able to explore each account on my own and get an idea of what the “voice” is for each one, as well as what kind of postings are preferred (humorous, informational, statistical, etc.). This freedom allowed me to have fun with the social media postings for each account. It’s possible that Tricia prayed to the social media gods that I would be sufficient in my new position, but luckily I was, and with her guidance I have developed a knack for marketing on social media.

In Tricia’s absence during her vacation in July, Stephanie (a.k.a. The Boss Lady) suggested that I dabble in the public relations department. I was absolutely thrilled to explore the different departments of FG Creative in order to monopolize the little time that a summer internship allots. Joni Wright (a.k.a. PR Maven) advised me on the workings of FGC Public Relations. My first day in PR, I dove in and wrote the first draft for an El Paseo press release, which included the special dining deals and happy hours located on the popular street. With Chris Clemens’ (a.k.a. PR Wonder Woman) and Joni’s corrections and suggestions on my first draft, we were able to develop a great final press release as a team. It got picked up, edited and published in the “Food” section of the Desert Sun newspaper.

Overall, working at FG Creative has been my best work experience to date! All the negative connotations that go along with the job of an intern did not apply at FG. I was given the reins to explore as I pleased; sitting in on client meetings, developing different voices for different clients on social media, and writing informational press releases for PR. Jury may still be out on whether I’m actually good at my job, but luckily Stephanie is hiring me on part-time during the school year (!!!) where I can continue to learn and develop in the marketing industry. So, I guess that means I’m doing something right!

-Jenna May, Content Marketing Coordinator and former Intern