Meet the Band

Lead Vocals: Stephanie “Karaoke Queen” Greene. She has too many years to count overseeing major marketing efforts for a variety of clients, from shopping malls to Native American casinos, and from consumer electronics to residential real estate. She even worked for The Donald, and never heard, “You’re Fired!” She’s our lead strategist who has a love of rock n’ roll, rescue pets and horses. She also has a passion for creativity and top notch service. Long live rock!

Lead Guitar: Jeff “The Dude” Day. Backing up the FGC starship since the beginning, he is responsible for 99.9% of our over 80 award-winning campaigns. He’s the only creative guy we know who loves heavy metal, Harleys, and coaches his daughters’ soccer teams. Quite the combination. Campaigns that rock AND drive results? Yep.

Bass: Chris “Social Diva” Clemens. Ever wonder why all of our clients get such great media coverage? One word: Chris. She knows everyone, has worked with top clients, loves to go to all of the events, AND can work the room like no one else. Want to get noticed by the media? Easy peasy for this talented rock star.

Songwriter: Tricia “ROTFLMAO” Witkower. Can you say innovative, integrated, interactive social media content and strategies? Tricia can…three times and fast. From blogs to posts, and photos to fan interaction, she literally rocks the social media world. A walking contradiction, Tricia is seriously hilarious.

Sound & Lighting: Chelsea “Tech Geek” Van Es. Designing websites since she was 15, mother of two, and a true geekette when it comes to all things digital. She dreams in code, and can integrate any digital component with a wave of her magic wand. Website builds, social media platform optimization…she can even help you sync your iPhone to your iWatch. Watch out. (Pun intended.)

Keyboards: Lisa “Rock Goddess” Morgan. Not only does she sing in three bands, manage new talent, write for local music magazines, and help the homeless, this superstar is our traffic cop. Project management is her middle name, and she keeps us all on schedule and accountable for the details…or else.

Back Up Singer: Joni “Fan Favorite” Wright. This multi-instrumental southern belle can send out a press release, check on media rates, and compile an analytics report without missing a beat. And her plus one is actually in a band, so she knows her stuff.

Harmony: Andrea “Songbird” Carter. A consulting member of our group for years, this gifted gal not only sings like a songbird, she also rocks it with marketing strategies, PR and copy that will bring tears to your eyes. She’s there when we need her, without fail.

Band Manager: Cindy “The Boss” Czarnowski. Don’t mess with this super-organized, number-crunching, sweet-as-pie wonder woman…just don’t. Her way IS the best way!

Groupie: Fenway “the Wonder Dog.” What would a band be without a mascot? Come visit our office, and you’ll get the full greeting complete with a wagging tail, gentle woof and someone to lay on your feet while we work on your marketing strategies & solutions. He’s hard to ignore, but who would want to?