My Apple Watch and Me — A Match Made in Tech Heaven?

Today, I forgot to put on my Apple Watch. I am naked and alone without its comfortable, slightly warm presence on my wrist.  Will I remember to stand up every hour to make it happy? How will I get funny drawings and seriously amazing heartbeats from my hubby? How will I know I received emails and texts without that ever-so-tentative yet rewarding buzz on my wrist?
In only 2 short weeks, I have to admit I’ve become slightly addicted in all the right ways, to my new pal. It has inspired me to reach daily fitness goals, it is less invasive than a buzzing phone on a table at a meeting, and it’s stylish. Well, it will be once my alternate wristband in leopard print arrives…
Now to make it a working part of my day and not just a toy. The best place to start? The Apple App store for the top downloaded apps!  Of course you need a news app, that was an easy one — BBC News has the best one so far. Then a weather app, and after looking around, I decided on Weather Nerd, although there was a slight fee. Oh well, maybe I’ll just go with Yahoo Weather – it’s free.
Next, something to assist while out and about and looking for places to see, do, eat and enjoy. There’s Find Near Me, Trip Advisor and of course, Yelp. Given that I find Yelp to be full of obvious fraudulent reviews, I think I’ll go with Find Near Me and call it a day!
I’ve always loved Shazam, which tells you the song playing on the radio and now provides lyrics. Yep, gotta have that, as a classic rock groupie, I need to know the song, the band and maybe a line or two…Of course, you can also add a music app that channels all sorts of music, like Pandora or TuneIn Radio. Choices, choices!
And finally, I might need to add a few games just in case I’m stuck waiting for a doctor or an oil change. You never know!
So that is me and my Apple Watch. So far, it’s a match. Let’s see if I still feel this way in six months. Check back, I might find other cool apps to add, or new wristbands to match my nail polish to!