It's a Dog's Life

In light of his birthday today (and yes, we are celebrating with bacon peanut butter ice cream), today’s blog is about our quirkiest, most adorable, and sweetest (well, tied with Cindy) FG Creative employee. Of course, I’m talking about none other than our Community Relations Director, Fenway. On the day of his 7th birthday, here’s a little bit of what office life is like since Fenway first started his employment.

Each morning begins with pure, unadulterated joy as he enters the front doors. He immediately scrambles for one of his stuffed animals to show Cindy, as he cries or makes his “Chewbacca noise”. He goes from office to office, greeting each of his FG co-workers as if he hasn’t seen them in ages. Who he chooses to sit with as he settles in for his first nap of the day varies based on factors only Fenway knows. Some days you can find him by Chelsea’s feet, others he is hidden away under Jean’s desk – out of sight of everyone. He serves as a true gatekeeper at times, as he takes post in Stephanie’s doorway or guards Cindy’s reception desk from any riff raff that should happen into the office. For the majority of the day, the loyal little redhead sticks by his mama and even follows her to the kitchen and bathroom.

He can be in a dead sleep, but once we all head to the conference room (or parlor, as some call it) you hear a slow shuffling, and in strolls Fenway, who then sighs and dutifully flops down between the two people he deems most likely to mindlessly pet him during the staff meeting. After our ebullient chatter proves too much for him, Fenway eventually takes leave and heads into the hallway to keep a watchful (sleeping, but watchful) eye out for visitors.

On the topic of visitors, their presence brings out the most hardworking aspect of Fenway’s day. He wakes from his deep slumber, and with his bleary eyes still mostly closed, ambles over to them, tail wagging. Never one to greet a guest empty-handed (or empty-mouthed, as it were), he scrambles once again to find one of his beloved stuffed animals to offer (offer to look at, not to touch or have). If you enter our office a stranger, you will no doubt leave as a friend, thanks to sweet Fenway.

Come see us soon, and we promise you will be greeted with a golden retriever and a smile!

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