How to Keep Your Marketing Cool During the Heat of Summer

As summer comes to the Coachella Valley, and the snowbirds fly away home, many businesses take the approach that they can take a vacation from their marketing efforts. We disagree!

There are over 550,000 permanent residents in the Valley, plus the many summer visitors who are escaping the June gloom of the coast or enjoying their summer vacations traveling to exotic locals in the So Cal region, who would love to know who was open, what is being offered, and what great experiences there are to have. If you're not advertising, how will they find you?

As one of those permanent residents, I can assure any business that I will be more likely to visit you if I know you are open! With social media and all of the online and traditional media options, a business can guarantee customers and revenue if they reach out and continue to market their products and services. The key is to offer something inviting...even your cool A/C and free bottled water works!
The staff here at FG Creative is always looking for a new restaurant to try or summer specials with our favorite hangouts.  We still need oil changes, gifts for friends, and lots of things for our families. We are here... tell us what you've got!
Let's not forget the summer visitors. There are more flights and more visitors coming each summer. Hotels are set for record occupancies through August and a great way to reach them is through online digital campaigns and ad campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
The moral of this story? Keep singing your marketing song all year long!