Office Christmas Decorations

In early December, we had a holiday office decorating contest. The contest was to be all in fun…but everyone’s competitive natures came out once it was announced there would be a prize for the winner. Was it the best decorations that would win? The funniest? Best theme? gingerbread jeanThat was all up to our judge, who hadn’t yet been named. With one week and a $50 budget, the decorating started slow but ramped up once people started seeing what their cubicle neighbors were doing. A little tinsel here, some snowflake stickers there…and then came an onslaught of both tacky and tasteful office decorations until the offices transformed in a matter of days into our own personal Winter Wonderlands. Each office spoke to the decorator’s personality – Jean’s “Candy Land” theme honored the cake (and cupcake and cookie and…you get the point) baker within her. Her windows were makeshift presents, as they were wrapped in donut wallpaper, something we didn’t previously know existed.

On her door, a wreath strung with ice cream bars, donuts, and cupcakes hung. The piece de resistance in her decorating strategy was a gingerbread house she carefully constructed. It looked delicious enough to eat (and she had to fend off the co-workers desperate enough to ask if they could). Keeping on theme, she had hordes of gingerbread men lining her walls. Her final touch was a pink Christmas tree that sat on her desk. Who knew Christmas trees were pink? Cindy’s office decorations, much like Cindy herself, could be best described as cheerful and elegant. She hung up jingle bells and lined her windows with lights. Greeting everyone as they walked in was a pretty red garland with an FG holiday card on her counter.

Natalie, our newbie, went with a “Snowflake Village” theme with light up snowflakes in the window and walls covered in Christmas paper and bows. She went wild with snowflakes and bows and I filled her tricia decorcounter with a gold mini Christmas tree and candy canes with fake snow.

Chelsea chose and actual Winter Wonderland theme complete with lights, fake snow, Christmas ornaments on the walls, and a Christmas advent calendar that we suspected was brought in more to satisfy her sweet tooth than as decoration.

We all wondered if Jeff would participate and he came through in a big way. There was a minimalist approach, with Christmas bags taped to his wall. But what really won over everyone in the office and got us nervous was a 1950s light up Santa Claus that was so marvelously tacky and gave us all a giggle.

Stephanie’s theme, much like our holiday cards, was Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. She had a light up mini Rudolph in addition to another Rudolph hung on the door, as well as a Christmas tree by her desk. With lights that look like icicles along the windows, and lights strung up on the ceiling…to quote Natalie, “it was LIT”.

Last was mine. I called my office “Christmas on Steroids”. What did I have on my walls? What DIDN’T I have on my walls is the better question. Stockings, Santas of all varieties, a gnome, pictures ranging from a Ryan Gosling Santa to the Jingle Bell Rock scene from Mean Girls, fake snow, tinsel, red and white tubes whose purpose was never known, various festive stickers, bells and a mistletoe. It was the antithesis of Jean’s and one that would either amuse or judge or send them into a Christmas-related stroke.

On Friday, December 1, judgment day had come. Stephanie recruited Amy Grubbs to judge our offices. Who would she go with? We each showed off our office spaces and explained our artistic visions. In the end, she went with Jean’s gingerbread theme, ostensibly due to a hidden sweet tooth. All of Jean’s hard work and thoughtful planning paid off – to the tune of a $150 Target card. Way to go, Jean. Expect More, Pay Less.steph jean winner

We hope all of your offices were decorated as festively as ours at FG!