FGC Patio Parties 2.0!

After 15 years of being in business, from our start in a one-room office above what is now Kaiser Grill Palm Desert, to much larger space across Hwy 111 near Deep Canyon that had offices and a conference room, and back to Portola with our whole floor and now our boutique space with a view of Kaiser Grill Palm Desert, we've learned a thing or two about having parties!  We've had potlucks and mixers, but have found our happy place with our new Patty-O parties!  Even when it's hot outside, we stay cool with taco bars, ice cream socials and possibly a tiki-inspired bash in August.  Here are some insights from the FGC team, about our party spirit.

Stephanie: We love a good party! As a boutique agency in a relatively small market, we can all get running so fast to get all the work done, that we forget how much we like to hangout together and just chill. Here in the desert in the summer, that gets to be a bit of a challenge. So we invented the Patty-O parties in May. A few years ago, we hosted monthly Potluck mixers, so we guess this could be called FGC Parties 2.0! We have been having so much fun with them in the summer time and so have our old  friends, new friends, and clients.talie steph

Natalie: I have attended four FG party's now and each one has gotten better than the last. The entire team really comes together on this and gets the office looking amazing thanks to Talie's decor skills, Steph's cooking expertise, my love for eating (haha) and everyone else's love for ending a busy week an hour or so early and catching up with good friends and colleagues. So far we have celebrated over burgers & fries, adult ice cream sundaes, and more! It's always fun and I look forward to seeing new faces who have become friends. Someone mentioned Mai Tai's were next?!

Talie: I came on board right around the onset of our patio parties here at FGC, and have so much fun being a part of these great little events. I have taken over the decor arrangements, and love my once a month trip to Party City to look for the perfect decorations. Putting up the decorations and creating a fun space to party in is right up my alley, and I love doing it! Rumor has it, the next party may be Tiki themed, and I can't wait to shop for that! Hope to see you at our next event!20180703 135902

Cindy: Gotta love our Summer Patio Parties here at FGC.  Who said work can't be all fun and games!!!!  We hope to see you at the next one!

AJ: I'm the newbie around here, and what better way to kick off my first FG Patty-O party experience than with ICE CREAM (and spiked root beer floats). Natalie and I were the food and bev crew, making the grocery run to stock up on all the fixings for really delicious frozen treats and drinks. Dairy Queen's got nothin' on us. I also got to meet some of our amazing clients face-to-face, which was a treat (see what I did there?). Can't wait for the next one! And if we roll with the tiki theme, you don't want to miss it - I make a mean Mai Tai.20180626 155749

Chelsea: I always love a great FG patio party - getting to see friends, vendors, and new faces that stop by for a quick break from the daily grind. Of coures, we make it fun with all our different themes and a special a cocktail of some sort! Root Beer/Vodka floats were my favorite.